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A platform where you can find a lot of information to start your own online business. From Training guides to software tools and much more.

Time for you to CLIC & SHINE!!

Who is behind Clics 2 Shine?

I am Sofie, I am Belgian but I live in Spain. Like most people in the world, my family and I are also struggling to survive. So the need of creating a business online is now larger than ever. About 2 years ago I started searching my way online. It was not easy, but here I am :). 

I created this website as my own personal learning platform but also to give people like me, without previous skills or education, a fighting chance to build their own online business and secure the future. It bothered me that i did not find a website where I had all the needed information combined, so I am building it myself.

What can you expect?

On this platform, you can expect to find useful information to help you understand the online world better. If you have no experience, no education, or no previous skills, it should not stop you to begin building your dream, but you will need to learn a few things. 

To get tips and tricks and to discover my personal journey and of course future projects, you will have to follow me on my blog. Weakly I share my experiences and story’s for you to learn from. 

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But if you are ready to dive straight into it, you can find all you need to get a good start on the platform. All the programs, tools, and platforms I recommend, I use myself or a close colleague does. Most of these are focused on affiliate marketing, social media training, YouTube training, and e-mail marketing. Yeah, there is a whole lot more to find and do online, and I tried a lot, but for me, those areas have the most opportunity. 

Last but not least you can also find a library on Clics 2 Shine. There you can find articles where the most used terms are explained. What is affiliate marketing? What is a plugin? Don’t hesitate to go and take a look!

Check it out here >>>

Ready to CLIC & SHINE?

I really hope this platform is helpful for you. Do remember I also am not an expert, I am just sharing my experience.

But if I can be of any assistance to you, you can always send me an email at info@clics2shine.com.

Feel free to follow my blog, join my Facebook group or Instagram too! You’re more than welcome to join my group if you want some extra support.

I wish you good luck in your online journey and do use this information free of charge!!

What my followers say

Even tough i am still at the beginning, i do already have a few loyal followers...
Inverness McKenzie

Inverness McKenzie

MLM Marketeer

"I know Sofie now for a few months and i know she will bring valuable content. I am looking forwars to see what will come up!"

Hanson Deck

Hanson Deck

Independent Artist

"Sofie helped my in the past to promote my artwork and she maid me a few sales straight away which i learned a lot from. Now i can make my sales myself!"

Natalya Undergrowth

Natalya Undergrowth


"With the help of Sofie i found my way online! Everything she did for me was worthy. Thanks you Sofie!"


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