Lead generation marketing strategies and trends for 2021.

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In my previous blog post, I introduced you to the wonderful world of lead generation. Because lead generation marketing strategies are an important part of your business, I tried to explain as much as possible in an accessible way for everybody. To keep it light, I divided all the information into different pieces. Also, not everybody is on the same level in the learning process so working in different stages gives anyone the option to just go to the part that interesting for you.

If you’re completely new at this subject, I recommend you read my previous posts first. 

Time to tackle the next step into our learning process…

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4 Lead generation marketing strategies you need to handle

You maybe have an incredible product, or outstanding services to offer people. You’ll also have a superb landing page or website ready to go, but without traffic (or leads) to this landing page or site, you will find it very hard to get some sales. You’ll best follow the lead generation marketing strategies that are already proven to work.

So how are you going to get this traffic to come to your website?

A fully SEO-optimized website is a must!

To get people to find you it’s important you rank high within search engines SERPs, all the pages on your site, including the homepage, need to be SEO optimized. This is done by determining the right keyword and using headline tags, tags, and meta descriptions. SEO optimization is something you can learn, everybody can learn everything, but it does is a complicated field, so if you don’t have experience with it and don’t have the time to learn it, it is recommended to outsource this.

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Start blogging as 1 of your main lead generation marketing strategies

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People buy from somebody they trust, somebody who gives them good information or somebody they know. Those 3 things can be built on by blogging. Blogging can be a very important part of your lead generation marketing strategy. Explain to people what your offer exactly holds, give them a little sense of who you are, prove that you also are a real human. Be honest to your readers, so they feel they can trust you. This way people will start following you, sharing your content, and helping to get you known which eventually will result in sales.

The money is in the list, use email marketing!

Email marketing is one of the lead generation marketing stategies that can be very effective and create a high impact. It also is extremely affordable and these days accessible for anyone. There are software tools created to help you gather emails. Once you get emails you can create leads by writing eye-catching emails with a CTA to direct them to your landing page. This is a tactic used by most Big Companies in the world.

Test and run mind blowing social media campaigns.

Before you start running social media campaigns, it’s recommended that you choose one or two platforms you are going to use. Each platform had a different public and another way of working. Determine what fits best with you and your offer before you start. Social media allows you to target very specific audiences.

6 trends in 2021 for lead generation marketing strategies

As you learned in my posts, lead generation is a process that is constantly changing and adapting to what happens and is available in the world. Developers come out with new software and tactics almost every day. 

So it’s important to keep track of new developments and trends going on. This upcoming year there are 6 trends that seem very promising:

  1. Video marketing

By using video marketing you play into the need of people to be informed and also into the fact people don’t have time to do the research themselves. This way you can spread your message widely and quickly and even make it a fun and exciting experience for your watchers. This can be a part of your social media or email campaign or even be included in your blog.

       2. Email marketing 

As said above, email marketing is highly cost-effective and therefore still one of the  most popular channels for businesses to reach their audience. This also is the perfect way to stay top-of-mind with your existing customers by sending weekly or monthly newsletters for example.

       3. Influencer marketing

This tactic is relatively new but is expanding rapidly. Brands are turning to influencers to reach their audience. These influencers have many followers that trust them and will believe their word if they recommend a product. This can give your offer a positive impression and spike sales.

            4. Content marketing

    Although this is a strategy that is used for a while now, it still is one of the best and secure ways to gather leads, build awareness, and guide prospects thru a funnel. It’s proven that a good mix of content, like blog posts, explainer videos, podcasts, e-books, is an excellent strategy to reach your audience.

            5. AI, Artificial Intelligence

    One of the newest tools to help you gather leads, search for prospects and even create straightforward content. The most known example is the chatbot. Many websites have one these days. It makes lead generation more efficient and can handle critical tasks.

           6. Interactive content

    Interactive content can get you a lot of attention because it makes the people feel engaged and it offers, often, a fun experience. This ultimately results in a positive feeling about you or your product which becomes sales. Create easy and fun tools like quizzes, interactive infographics, calculators, surveys, or even emails that make people feel connected.

    Last but not least, lead qualification.

    I covered now almost all the most important things to know about lead generation marketing strategies. This leads me to the last thing you need to know that is equally as important. Lead qualification. Because, what are you with a bunch of leads if you don’t know how to score them?

    What is lead qualification?

    Lead qualification is the term used to determine in which stage of the buyer’s process your prospect is currently in. What steps need to be taken next to turn the prospect into a client? 

    So how do you determine the stage your prospect is in?

    There are several ways to do this. You can contact your prospect personally to assess in what stage they are by email, phone call, surveys or lead caption forms. 

    Use the following 5 questions that tie to widely-used lead qualification criteria:

    • Interest: Is this prospect really interested in my offer?
    • Need: Is there a need to buy my offer? 
    • Budget: Is there enough budget available to buy my offer?
    • Timing: Is your prospect ready to buy or nearly there?
    • Decision making authority: Is the prospect authorised to make the decision to buy your offer?  
    marketing software tools

    Obviously, you should adjust these questions to fit your business, but make sure they always cover those five areas when qualifying leads.

    Lead qualification can be difficult and time consuming, so it might be a good idea to outsource this part of the proces.

    The round-up

    That was all i wanted to share with you to help you understand more about lead generation. You now should know what it is, how you do it, why it is important to at least have a basic knowledge. 

    I am currently already working on new topics, so be sure to come around now and then for more interesting information!

    As i always like giving away things, be sure you don’t miss out our latest gift!


    Next blog topic: Blogging, what is it? What can it do for your business? And much more…


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