My very first post on my own website! Whoehoe!!

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Hello everyone!

As you see i am very exited to write my first Blog post on my first site that will matter.

I already built a few other websites to make money online, one more successful then the other, but this is the first one where i put my hart and soul into. I will give everybody, who has the time and interest in my life, a look inside.

I am looking forward to share my experience here with you. Sometimes thru stories about what pitfalls i came across during the years and i want you to avoid, other times thru updates about what i am working on at the moment and i will even put in the work to give you some self written articles filled with useful information.

Starting from my next post i will cover the very basics about working online, making money online like ‘The best hosting platforms of 2021’ or ‘Why use Clickbank?’… I choose the subject i find the most interesting for beginners at my point of view, but if you want me to handle a specific subject in the next post, feel free to make a suggestion in the comments below and i’ll do my best to cover the subject as soon as possible.

Why would you follow me?

I am for sure not an expert, everything i share here with you and on my site is a result of years of selfstudy. The only thing i want to do is offer a platform with free information for people like me who are trying to get started without any budget. Of course there also are possibilities to buy tools and training you come across here, but none of them are my products, they are affiliate offers. At the end i also need to earn money, no 😉 but i do wanted to make this clear. There is NEVER an obligation to buy anything, there always is a lot of FREE stuff to get on my site to give you a good starting position.

If you follow me, you will notice that i am somebody who is straight forward. If i make a mistake, i will write about it to help you to avoid those things. I came along a lot of people in this business that promised me the world until the point came up i REALLY did not have anything to invest.. And then it’s quickly done with the help.. I will always be there to help you with advice where i can help.

I can’t do miracles

Like everything in this world, you will need to put in the work yourself if you want to achieve anything. I can be there as much as i want or offer you all possible information, if you don’t get the ball rolling, nothing will happen.

If my site is the first one you visit in your online journey, let me tell you everything starts with the right mindset. If you visited already more websites on this subject, you will agree with me that in EVERY course you take they will focus a part or a module on mindset. Therefore one of my next post will be dedicated to this topic, be sure you don’t miss it!

For now, i will keep this a short welcome post.

Looking forward to giving you more info in my next post!


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